Living From the Presence

Starting Term 3 in 2018 we are offering Living From the Presence as our night college subject which can be assessed as a part of the Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology - 10433NAT.

Every follower of Jesus has received the Holy Spirit. If you have given your life to Christ you have His very Presence living inside of you.

And yet, there is still more!

What if the same spirit who lives inside you could work through you with miraculous power? What if the Holy Spirit was more than a theological concept and became your day-to-day supernatural experience?

In this course You will discover how to:

  • Increase your awareness of the Holy Spirit's Presence and experience His closeness in new ways.
  • Release the atmosphere of Heaven into your spheres of influence.
  • Experience new levels of God's glory and witness an increase of signs, wonders, and miracles flowing in your life.

This course will help you to learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit and see His manifest Presence rest upon you every day, while you walk out a lifestyle of Supernatural power with the the incredible honour of having the Holy Spirit living inside of you.

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